“I met Daniela Casati Fava when I was working with the Scala Theatre. She is talented, goal – oriented, serious and curious with an intimate knowledge of the work, good listening and communication skills at all levels. In short, a true professional.”

Luca Gandini - Director of stage productions Paris, Rome, Genoa, Bologna.

“Describing my long – term co-operation with Daniela Casati Fava is no easy task. She is a stage and costume designer, a director’s assistant and a general stage organizer,but at the same time she is a delightful friend with whom I have never had a disagreement. Daniela has a strong personality, she can appreciate Beauty when she sees it and she has a vast culture. Her drawings have a light touch, but their underlying meaning is always strong. She can interact with both artists and theater workers, because she knows how to establish trust with people. She knows how to get involved in person and in her profession she goes the extra mile at all time.She climbs on scaffolds, she pins the right feather on a costume... she helps with practical works. She has a positive attitude with people and things, she has a remarkable talent in organizing work for the production sector. She is not just a stage and costume designer, she is also a co-creator of artistic events.”

Sonia Grandis - Actress, Director, Professor of performing arts at the Milan Conservatory.

“Daniela Casati Fava, is an appreciated professional, that has been working with us in recent productions. Called for an analysis of technical issues of stage setting she really stood out for her excellent and intuitive solutions. Her brilliant fantasy created original costumes that gave a harmonious contribution to the play staged”

Marco Vaccari - Artistic Director’s”San Babila Theatre”

“Working with the costume and stage designer Daniela Casati Fava has always been both a pleasure and privilege. Together we have staged theatrical shows and the sit-com “Fuori Sinc" ( which is set in the dubbing world) this sit-com has won the TV’s If for the best fiction. Daniela is a true professional lady, she is privileged with an exquisite elegance. It is refreshing experience been able to co-operate with Daniela, when you realize that she can cope with the most critical situation. Moreover, she is a fantastic human being.”

Monica Pariante - Director and Author.

“Mrs. Daniela Casati Fava has collaborated as a set/costume designer with the Conservatory ”G. Verdi” in Milan for the following operas: La Bella dormente nel bosco, L’impresario in Angustie, La serva padrona, Bacocco e Serpilla, Tracollo e Livietta,La Dirindina, La Fantesca. Mrs. D. Casati Fava’s theater works are an evidence of Italian excellence in the world.”

Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory ‘s Productions Departement Milano

“It is not easy to talk about Casati Daniela Fava without giving the impression of being too rhetorical. I have known Daniela for years and I was utterly impressed by her strong personality. Thanks to her fantasy, wit, exuberance and communication skills, you will have a fun discussing serious or less serious topics with exactly the same energy. Her works are a mirror of her human qualities: they are traditionalist in a way, dreamy at times, and they always possess an excellent style. Daniela is highly educated and is a great professional person. Her works are accurate, thanks to her organization skills and to her capacity of problem-solving. Last but not least, she has a strong sense of duty. Working with Daniela has always been a real pleasure.”

Marzio Cardaropoli - Cardaropoli’s Administrator

“In 2014 we created Daniela Casati Fava‘s costumes for the show e ”Quaggiù, Angeli del nostro tempo” staged at the Teatro Filodrammatici of Milan. It was a real pleasure to work with a professional like her: competent and confident in her choices, attentive to details, and above all, able to find creative solutions to unexpected small or big problems that inevitably happen in each production. In addition, value added, Daniela is a very interesting person, original, with which it is pleasant to spend time; so we hope to have more opportunities to work with her.”

Roberta Casagrande - Casa Fiore CTC’s Responsible Costume Department

“Daniela Casati Fava has superbly introduced my concert with music by Gustav Mahler, and my original compositions, which were inspired by a Vittore Carpaccio’s pictorial work. She has a strong artistic competence and an uncommon sensitivity to the reasons of Music. Thanks a lot, Daniela!”

Giorgio Fasciolo - Musician, Composer

“The Dress - Making department Pia Rame and the New Tailoring thank Daniela for co-operating in several superbly creative projects for theaters and other enterprises. Daniela loves her work, is accurate and extremely skilled, and this is why our costumes have been presented in all her new creations.”

Nadia Venegoni e Tiziana Materozzi - La Nuova Sartoria snc. Milano

The theatrical costume department Arrigo worked many time with Daniela Casati Fava and always it was a pleasure follow her during the costume creations. She is a rare, true stage and costumes professional.

Stefania Basso Bondini - Arrigo ‘s Legal Representative

“I met Daniela at the rehearsals of the drama that would be staged three months later at the ”Filodrammatici Theater”. While my music scores were all over the place, Daniela‘s sketches of the costumes were all neatly sorted out. Each character was just perfect. I realized that I had the privilege to work with a serious, capable and highly educated professional lady. It was also reassuring to know that Daniela was a fantastic human being. Today, our sincere friendship confirms my early feelings”

Leonardo Laddaga - Musician, Composer

“Daniela is a talented stage and costume designer. I met her during the making of ”Fuori Sinc” the sit-com direct by Monica Pariante. Daniela is a great professional, she is friendly and courteous, with a great ability to find the most creative and appropriate solutions in all her the works.”

Massimiliano Lotti - actor, dubbler

“An Unforgettable Person. Lucky me to have Daniela Fava Casati as a teacher, a True Professional who has been able to explain me the art, the professionalism and seriousness that allowed me to become an International Make-up Artist. We have staged theatrical shows together and I had the privilege to admire her unparalleled, unique and unmistakable creations. Thank you again Daniela for all your advice and suggestions!”

with affection and esteem Andrea Pallanca - International Make-up Artist